Chapter 11 Hygiene – Factors influencing the hygienic dishwashing result

Commercial dishwashers - requirements for maximum hygiene

Chapter 11 is all about hygiene. For this purpose, the first part deals with the applicable specifications and standards in the field of automated commercial warewashing. The essential parameters that have an influence on the hygienic washing result are named and examined in more detail. For this purpose, the requirements for the wash rooms, the wash parameters, the items to be washed and the cleaning products are described in detail in the individual sections. There is also a section that deals with the subject of the hygienic inspection of the dishwasher.


Points for daily control, such as the wash arms or sieve systems on the dishwasher, through to the drain check, are named as examples. Furthermore, an insight is given which work should be carried out after the wash.

An important point are the visual and microbiological checks to check the hygienic condition of the items to be washed and the dishwasher. For this purpose, the requirements from the existing DIN standards are named.