Arbeitskreis Gewerbliches Geschirrspülen

The "Arbeitskreis Gewerbliches Geschirrspülen" (AK GGS) was founded in October 2013 and is made up of leading representatives from various sectors of industry.

The main objective of the AK GGS is to develop and provide practice-relevant information for the field of commercial dishwashing.

In addition, the AK GGS deals with current issues in related areas.

The AK GGS delivers independent and fact-oriented work that does not involve association or club activities.



For use in commercial dishwashers, special chemicals are required that meet the high demands of professional sculleries. The leading manufacturers actively advise the working group.


Intelligent and robust technology is required for the precise dosing of process chemicals. Specialists in this field develop solutions here.


Commercial dishwashers differ from those in private households, because here, large quantities of dishes in different formats have to be cleaned in a particularly short time. Leading manufacturers pool their knowledge on this platform.


To ensure a perfect wash result, the washware and transport systems, such as baskets, must be suitable and matched to each other. Leading manufacturers support the working group with their know-how.


Depending on water quality and washware, various technologies are required for commercial dishwashing to achieve perfect dishwashing results.
Leading manufacturers support the working group with their expertise.


The industry associations support the working group in a wide range of tasks, as well as in European legislation, national and international standardization.

Member companies

Here is the overview of all member companies and the supporting associations.


The working group continues to grow

We warmly welcome the Italian family company "Bormiolo Luigi" to the working group.

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Book announcement "compendium of practice for Commercial Dishwashing" - Chairmanship confirmed

On the occasion of the general meeting of the "Working Group for Commercial Dishwashing" on March 25th, 2021, there are two news from the working group:

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Commercial dishwashing in the corona pandemic

The AK GGS has published a new information leaflet on commercial dishwashing in the corona pandemic.

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English translation of the AK GGS website is published

A translated compendium of practice, tecnical information and expert knowledge on professional dishwashing correspond to the globalized working environment

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Chairmanship of the AK GGS confirmed

The good work of the chairman's team was confirmed at the general meeting of the "Arbeitskreis Gewerbliches Geschirrspülen" on April 24, 2019.

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New chairmanship in the AK GGS

During the general meeting, the rolling chairmanship was newly elected for the next two years. The new chairwoman is Dr. Britta von Esmarch-Rummler (Miele Professional), Mareike Lohmann (Chemische Fabrik Dr. Weigert) was elected as her deputy.

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AK GGS publishes an interdisciplinary overview of standards

The standards landscape is constantly growing. At national, European and international level, new regulations are regularly added or updated.

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AK GGS gives practical advice for cleaning and caring for metal washware

Not all products are dishwasher safe materials, processing and correct cleaning play an equally important role in achieving perfect dishwashing results and protecting the cutlery from corrosion.

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Five reasons for a "clean" planning

AK GGS publishes the first two chapters of the practical compendium of practice for commercial dishwashing.

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The AK GGS continues to grow

New members expand the "AK GGS" (commercial dishwashing working group) and support interdisciplinary cooperation with their expertise.

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