The BRITA Group is one of the leading companies in drinking water optimisation and individualisation. Its long-established brand BRITA has a leading position in the global water filter market. The family-owned company based in Taunusstein near Wiesbaden is represented by 29 national and international subsidiaries and branches as well as shareholdings, distribution and industrial partners in 69 countries on all five continents. It has production sites in Germany, the UK, Italy and China.

Founded in 1966, today the inventor of the household water filter jug develops, produces and distributes a wide range of innovative drinking water optimisation solutions for private (water filter jugs, on-tap systems and BRITA Integrated Solutions for small and large electric appliances by renowned manufacturers) and commercial use (hotel sector, restaurants, catering and vending) plus mains-fed water dispensers for offices, schools, restaurants and the hygiene-sensitive care sector (hospitals, care homes). Since 2016 BRITA has been working with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) to protect the world’s oceans from plastic waste, and as such to protect whales and dolphins.

To ensure that our customers can work with the best possible water quality for their respective application, we offer a broad variety of filter solutions. With every filter the water can exactly be adapted to the needs of the user. Thus BRITA provides tailor-made answers to the most relevant questions in the out-of-home market: How do I get good tasting water, what are the essential properties of quality water to create coffee, tea and food of utmost taste and aroma? How can I protect my premium equipment from limescale and my business from therewith related downtimes?

BRITA PURITY filter are available in cartridge format as well as with pressure vessel. Unwanted off-tastes and -odours are removed from the water and beverages and food can develop their full aroma. Complex service is prevented as magnetic valves, heating rods and pumps are protected from limescale deposits. That considerably prolongs the operational life of the machines and saves time and money.

Whether used with coffee or vending machines, combi steamers, baking ovens, in dishwashers or with water dispensers – customers in all areas of the HoReCa segment trust in BRITA Professional when it comes to water filtration.